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Ultimate Au Pair is taking a short break over the summer, but we will be back in a few weeks with new bloggers, an updated look and lots of new articles! In the meantime why not have a look at our advice pages?:


Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the blog last year! If you would like to blog with us, you can use our contact page to get in touch.

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ultimate au pair paris 10 tips leave host family move

10 tips: Leaving your host family & Paris

So, the time has come to leave your host family, and it often comes with A LOT of mixed feelings.

Let’s set the scene; you’ve been working with the family for almost one year, you feel sad to leave the children, but guiltily happy to leave behind some of that stressful responsibility (just being honest). You have suddenly realised you need to move your whole life out of the 13m² box you call home and can’t work out how you acquired so much stuff living on so little money.

You’re seriously down about your friends leaving before you and, for those of you leaving Paris completely, your love-hate relationship with Paris has you wondering how you will ever live anywhere else…(click title or photo to see more)
By Olivia Brett (Editor)


Alice’s au pair diary – week 20


Today was the day that the city of Paris waits for… Fete de la musique. This annual festival of merriment and music sees the streets of this city lined with acts upon every corner specialising in a variety of styles, shops open until all hours (many indulging in the festivities and opting to blare music out of their own front doors too) and heaps upon heaps of happy, drinking and dancing getting lost upon their meandering strolls.

It honestly feels as though the entire population of Paris (and beyond!) has come out to dance and be jolly until the early hours. The novelty of this night doesn’t stop at the all-encompassing music every which way you turn but rather extends even to the transport system! Paris, a city known for it’s infamous inconvenient and wholly un-cosmopolitan closing hours of metros etc, sees its transport brave the dark hours and remain open the entire night. You feel a sense of obligation, therefore…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde


Alice’s au pair diary – week 19


We arose at the crack of dawn (well, 7 am to most people) in order to get ourselves fed and watered in anticipation of our busy day. I of course had to commence work but my sister who was visiting had a lovely morning of Louvre-visiting lined up! We ‘regrouped’ at Palais de Tokyo after my lunch shift in order to sip back excellently priced drinks and chat away. I love having family visit because it’s so lovely to just sit, fleeting the time away catching up. Given we were in the environs, it felt most appropriate to stroll down to the ol’ Eiffel subsequently before marching back to our area for my evening shift was looming in the shadows of the happy vibes of the day!

I had mentioned this visit to my host mother the day previous and she had been generous enough to in fact set me free early this evening to make the most of my guest! My sister is a football mad enthusiast and so I found her in the infamous Euro2016 fanzone soaking up the crazy atmosphere of an Ireland match! It is always so so much fun to be apart of a giant group of people enjoying something and this was certainly no exception! Irish fans in particular aren’t shy of vocal support for their team and so the backdrop to the game was lovely drunk chanting and merriment – a good show altogether…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde

Ultimate Au Pair blog find friends

Advice from former au pairs!

Hello again!

Summer is change-over time for au pairs and we have lots of practical advice and top tips to help you start work/leave Paris/choose a family/find friends/know if you’re paid enough etc.

I’m looking at ways to update the site in August to make our advice pages more easily accessible, so in the meantime I would love to hear from you about any suggestions, comments or contributions to the site you may have! It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t started out yet, are currently au pairing or finished some time ago, Ultimate Au Pair is the perfect place to share your experiences!

Here is a link to our advice pages:

Olivia (Editor) x
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Alice’s au pair diary – week 18


After what can only be described as weeks of excessive indulging in French ‘cuisine’ (if croissants and crepes can really be labelled as such!?) I decided to get the fitness juices flowing and kickstart the day with a run. I think it’s important to remember that, when living in Paris for a year, you have to just accept weight gain – nobody is immune from bakery calories! But as one of my close friends here said: “would you rather look back, at the end of your year, and say ‘wasn’t it fun that time I lived in Paris and didn’t eat any of the delicious French treats all around me’ or would you rather say ‘wasn’t it fun that I lived in Paris and ate baguettes up to my eyeballs’!” This obviously comes with some aesthetic consequence/sacrifices but it’ll all be temporary m’dears!

It was onwards then to my lunch shift where I was welcomed in the door by the 19 year old in my hose family who proceeded to show me eagerly a video he’d found on the internet of some police men falling into flood waters after their rickety makeshift boat (of which they accessorised with digging spades as ores!) capsized!
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By Alice Warde

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Weekly Diaries

We have many au pair writers based in Paris who contribute to our blog. Each has their own style and shares their experiences differently! We are currently looking for a new writer to begin a weekly diary starting in August/September 2016.

You would be free to write as much or as little as you liked each week, about almost anything you like (…within reason of course…!) as long as its honest. There is always the option of writing anonymously if you prefer!

Have a look at our current blogger’s weekly diaries to see what its all about. Don’t hesitate to send a message via the contact form if you’re interested in blogging with us :)


Olivia (Editor)

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Alice’s au pair diary – week 17


After having slept at the night at the hotel my parents were staying in I awoke to have the most incredible shower. I live in a chambre de bonne here in Paris aka little hideaways not exactly renowned for their comfort or modernity. Therefore when given the chance to cleanse in a power stream beast I snatched at the opportunity and I could almost feel the 9 months of grime and city grossness I was wrapped in just be blasted off my skin.

It was a wonderful start to the day that was shortly followed by a bakery feast with my parents for breakfast (including an adorable little turtle brioche we simply couldn’t leave behind) All washed, fed and fuelled we were eager to trot off to our first destination, notre dame…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde

ultimate aupair blog paris

Alice’s au pair diary – week 16

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a tennis expert but the 4 hours of straight up Rollabd Garros viewing I did today might suggest otherwise! Being an au pair to 2 tennis mad rascals has meant I have well and truly been served a generous helping of this sport over the past 9 months of working here. With the French Open just commencing, I knew I should brace myself for a hearty helping of the stuff this week.

We did nothing but watch match after match with short periods of intermittent play fighting, playing baby, the youngest dressing up in his mother’s clothing and English homework-ing…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde

ultimate au pair blog paris

Alice’s au pair diary – week 15

This week kickstarted itself with a glorious bank holiday (or otherwise known as a ‘jour férié’ by the stripey t-shirt, baguette wielding French!) and so, encompassing the mood of such a day – we chilled! The sun reared it’s head most pleasantly and we arose hungry to scoff some hearty grub!

A favourite of mine will always be Cafe Nuage (whom I relentlessly rave about I know!) but, as all au pairs will appreciate, frugality is the fruit of life over here and so, if you can pick up a deal like spending €4 for an hour of unlimited food, drinks, wifi AND comfy seating, don’t tell me you wouldn’t snatch at the opportunity! Conveniently close by is the glorious Pantheon (one of my favourite Parisian gems!) and so we couldn’t resist a cheeky pop in to sneak a peak at the tombs of the likes of the resting Marie Curie, Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo. It was onward then to the Jardin des Tuileries for a pleasant rest of our weary legs on the infamously adorable green chairs that line the two fountains there. We chatted for a lengthy time about Paris…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde