Alice’s au pair diary – week 20


Today was the day that the city of Paris waits for… Fete de la musique. This annual festival of merriment and music sees the streets of this city lined with acts upon every corner specialising in a variety of styles, shops open until all hours (many indulging in the festivities and opting to blare music out of their own front doors too) and heaps upon heaps of happy, drinking and dancing getting lost upon their meandering strolls.

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By Alice Warde

Alice’s au pair diary – week 19


We arose at the crack of dawn (well, 7 am to most people) in order to get ourselves fed and watered in anticipation of our busy day. I of course had to commence work but my sister who was visiting had a lovely morning of Louvre-visiting lined up!

We ‘regrouped’ at Palais de Tokyo after my lunch shift in order to sip back excellently priced drinks and chat away. I love having family visit because it’s so lovely to…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde

Alice’s au pair diary – week 18


After what can only be described as weeks of excessive indulging in French ‘cuisine’ (if croissants and crepes can really be labelled as such!?) I decided to get the fitness juices flowing and kickstart the day with a run.

I think it’s important to remember that, when living in Paris for a year, you have to just accept weight gain – nobody is immune from bakery calories! But as one of my close friends here said: “would you rather…(Click title or photo to see more)
By Alice Warde

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Weekly Diaries

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Film Festival Vibes

As spring blesses us with the glorious blooming of flowers, and the leaves making their wonderful return to those lonely bare trees, it also welcomes the spring/summer events that has me giddy from the inside out. Yes that is right my fellow au pairs, it is the season where all the real fun begins and the super cool events start to pop up all over our news feeds. The event selection process for myself has officially begun and first on my list is just around the corner!

Of course I did not want to keep this exciting festival to myself so what better than to share it with you all!! (Yaaaaay). This year the European Independent Film Festival showcases its 11th edition, and what better place to have a film festival than right in here in the city of lights.

Personally I love a good film, whether that be snuggled up in front….(Click title or photo to see more)
By Rachel Haynes

Oh Friends…Au Pair Friends

I have previously posted about how my home sickness had been an issue as I missed my friends and family, and like for any normal human being moving to Paris took some adjusting to. Now of course life is normal and as I’ve said before, things just became same thing different day (more so during the week of course).

Coming to Paris as an au pair can be crazy scary. I remember when I first arrived and I told my friends at home that I was finding it impossible to meet people like me. I felt like I was in a place where everyone was different, or maybe I was the only different one. My personality is mixed, I’m very loud, dramatic and I love to be out having a wine and enjoying any time I have off but I also love being chilled, drinking coffee and wasting time walking around and getting lost….(Click title or photo to see more)
By Rachel Haynes

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Holly Jolidays

So it’s been a while since I last wrote. I guess everything just started to become normal. The days became regulated and my life kind of became the same thing but a different day. Don’t get me wrong, I made sure I was always busy at the weekends going out, shopping and drinking lots of coffee.

However, the au pair side of life just seemed to go on as usual: good days, bad days, stressful days, the list goes on. I have been here for five and a half months now and my life has just settled! My head has adjusted to the changes, and I have accepted Paris as my home now. Yaaaay for Paris.

Although I was never in any doubt that this would happy eventually…(Click title or photo to read more)
By Rachel Haynes

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Learning the Hard Way: A year as an au pair in Paris

Part 1 The Job Search

I arrived in Paris on a whim. My life was in chaos, I was looking for an escape, and after a visit to the French capital, I found myself unwilling to leave. However, my living arrangement was growing precarious. After a tumultuous month, it became clear that I needed work that guaranteed ample time to study, and an apartment of my own.

As most au pair jobs are supposed to meet these conditions, I applied for a handful of positions advertised on Craigslist, FUSAC, and AngloInfo. In mid-September, I accepted interviews for four positions based on the number of hours I need to…(Click title or photo to read more)
By Amelia Jones

Ultimate Au Pair blog find friends

Writers Wanted!

Au pair bloggers needed

Things are a little slow here at Ultimate Au Pair: the christmas holidays have just been and our writers travelled back home (forgetting about au pairing, kids and tantrums).

So, it’s about time to get things up and running again! To celebrate the new year, Ultimate Au Pair would like to find some enthusiastic new writers to join our au pair blogging team. You can choose whether you would like to do a one-off au pair profile or write…
By Olivia Brett (Editor)

English Speaking Hair Salon Paris - Ultimate Au Pair

Les Coiffeurs – English Speaking Hair Salon Paris

My hair is one thing I love getting done! When I lived in Liverpool I went as often as I could afford to as a student and was always left feeling amazing…because well, I got my hair done didn’t, I who doesn’t feel great after. Unless of course they ruin it! This is what I was super afraid of when I came to Paris. I made sure I got my hair done in Liverpool just before I came, that way I could put it off for as long as I possibly could here in Paris….
By Rachel Haynes