Ultimate Au Pair Paris Visitors

Visitor, Visitor!!

By Rachel Haynes

So the weekend I have been dying to come has finally arrived…yes the weekend my best friend Charlotte came to see me. I spent three years at Liverpool university and had many people say “ohhhh I can’t wait to visit you at uni”. You soon realised that visiting wasn’t as easy as you thought, and people who were once dying to see you and visit never in the whole three years did so. When I came to Paris this past knowledge led me to think despite Paris being a better place to visit than Liverpool, I would most likely never see those who said they would visit.

We are basically in a long distance relationship </3

Now let’s get a background check. Charlotte isn’t the easiest person to be away from, and in our eyes we are basically in a long distance relationship. I met Charlotte in my first year at uni and despite being friends the whole way through it was in third year that we finally realised how ridiculously ‘parfait’ we were for each other (I’m laughing writing this). We both studied marketing and would spend every day walking into uni together, sitting together at lectures, and spending ridiculously long periods of time in the library together. This combined with sharing stress, laughter, sadness, worries, dramas and heartbreak led to her being one of the most difficult people to not have around me.

Charlotte booked her tickets around 5/6 weeks before her arrival date, which meant that when she arrived it would have been over two months since I last seen her. How we survived I don’t know! My host family was kind enough to let her stay with us and the day she was due to arrive I felt so sick with excitement. I wasn’t the only one either, the youngest reminded me every day of the week before that she was coming, and we often celebrated this fact by doing the happy dance together. It’s the little things! Luckily Charlotte lives in London so we have the luxury of the Eurostar as an option for fast travel! 12 hours, 4 kids and a lot of giddiness later I was waiting for her at Gard du Nord. She was here!! She was finally here! I brought her back to the house, did the introductions and then we spent the first evening simply chilling. I also received two packets of diary milk (hallelujah!!), Chinese five spice, an adapter (yes I managed to forget this when I came), and a cute new mulberry clutch. My friend is the best, I know I know.

Luckily Char has come to Paris numerous times in the past so I was able to skip out on all the touristy stuff that after living here I now hate. Saturday started off by heading to the beauty shop, another first for me, getting my long overdue slug of eyebrows waxed! We travelled into Paris to my favourite areas Le Marais/Notre Dame, did a little bit of shopping, ate lovely sandwiches and then I bought really expensive Givenchy makeup. It’s ok though, I deserved it. My excuse for everything!

Au Pair Visitors

That evening we indulged in traditionally French cuisine…raclette and choco fondant. Next thing you know we were drinking awfully mixed JD and Coke dancing to Sorry by JB with one of my au pair girls. This led to missing the last metro to Bastille and establishing the importance of having an Uber account. That night can simply be described as hilarious when I look back on it. We got tortured by French guys (not in a good way) and pretended to one pair that we were Finnish and couldn’t speak a word of English or French just so we didn’t have to converse with them. Please note this did not deter them…the google translator came out! Charlotte also had to ask God to forgive her after my au pair friend said she was deaf to another French guy. This method does not work either, as he still tried to speak to to her…but louder. Good one!! As I am writing this I’m laughing knowing this is exactly the kind of stuff that happens when me and Charlotte are together, never a quiet night.

We got tortured by French guys (not in a good way)

Sunday was spent sleeping after a 7.30am entrance that morning, sorry mum and dad. Technically it wasn’t our fault, damn clocks going back! We went on a boat trip along the Seine River and indulged in a wonderful three course meal avec vin du rosé et café crème in my favourite restaurant.

We both agreed that the weekend was so normal, it was just like something we would do together at home, and everything just fell into place like the two months we just endured never even happened. That’s the gift of having a friend who you just click with, no matter how long you may be apart, when you are together it’s like time was never a problem. I am very blessed to have a friend like that, however, it makes me miss having Charlotte and my other very important friends around me. The ones that know me back to front! With time I hope that the friends I have made here already or will later will also begin to know me that well! Until then I will enjoy learning more about them and look forward to the next Charlotte & Rachel rendez-vous!

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