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Amazing shops to explore in Montmatre

By Rose Dermott

Weeks three and four…

These past couple of weeks in Paris have been so much easier! Au pair friends told me when I first started that the first couple of weeks are the hardest, now I think I finally believe them. Now that I have gotten to know my host family, we get on so much better! The host mother now explains to me things that I have done wrong, rather than getting angry at me straight away.

I have also discovered some lovely shops these past couple of weeks! ‘Cinemachine’ is an awesome second hand shop just off Rue la Vieuville. They sell vintage and alternative second hand clothes, usually at about 7 Euros each. Down Avenue Trudaine, near the Anvers Metro stop, there is a record shop called ‘Balades Sonores’, which sells vintage records of all genres, as well as really cool sweatshirts and t-shirts. ‘Ex & Terr@’ is a shop I discovered on Rue de Dunkerque the other day, they sell purses made out of vintage magazines and homemade jewellery, it’s all just so cute!

Last week was the ‘Fête des Vendages’ at Montmartre, there was so much wine! We tasted all kinds of odd coloured cheese and saw the fireworks over Sacré Coeur, which was lovely because as an English girl, I am going to miss not seeing fireworks on Bonfire Night. I also met a group of other vegetarian and vegan au pairs and we went to this little vegan bakery called ‘Vegan Folie’s’ near place de Monge. It is so nice to know that there are other vegetarians struggling in this country, where the locals don’t seem to believe in vegetarianism.

Last weekend my English friend came to stay with me and we had a lovely time going to the top of the Eiffel Tower and walking along the banks of the Seine. I have been really missing my English friends since I have gotten here and a visit from a friend was just what I needed to cheer me up a bit!

It is already getting a lot colder here and there are already advent calendars in the local shops! This first month has gone so quickly, I already feel like I have been here for months! I can also start using the threat that I will tell Father Christmas if the children misbehave, which has been working very well!


Ultimate au pair blog fireworks paris

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