English Speaking Hair Salon Paris - Ultimate Au Pair

Les Coiffeurs – English Speaking Hair Salon Paris

By Rachel Haynes

If there is one luxury I want to keep during my au pair life it is being able to get my hair done by a great hairdresser in a lovely environment

My hair is one thing I love getting done! When I lived in Liverpool I went as often as I could afford to as a student and was always left feeling amazing…because well, I got my hair done didn’t, I who doesn’t feel great after. Unless of course they ruin it! This is what I was super afraid of when I came to Paris.

I made sure I got my hair done in Liverpool just before I came, that way I could put it off for as long as I possibly could here in Paris. However, two and a half months later I was sick o
f my increasingly showing roots and four colour palette hair! I needed it fixed, pronto! I began my search for good hair dressers and of course at a reasonable price, but I am sure that many people here know that getting your hair done is not cheap in Paris. A cut itself is astonishingly expensive! Therefore, I decided that I will just have to forget about the money and find one that I felt comfortable with.

English Speaking Hair Salon Paris - Ultimate Au Pair

I did what I do best and searched on numerous blog pages and websites to find information from people that know, expats, students, au pairs – you name it, I searched it. With my lack of French language skills, I figured that it would be helpful knowing that whoever was doing my hair would be able to speak English. Of course in many other circumstances I don’t mind as I can use what French I know, however with my hair the last thing I needed was my hair ending up in a red bob cut!


A lot of blogs later I found an English speaking hair dressersPixie Salon‘ just east of Paris which had numerous reviews and features in a number of blogs and websites. Jackpot!! Booking was easy as I could email them, and they provided directions and prices on their website so I would be able to figure out how much it may roughly cost.

My excitement builded as hair day arrived and I made the easy one hour journey to the salon! It was so simple to find, and the salon sat in an old warehouse which at first look may not seem the most luxurious but I love this idea and it actually reminds me of Liverpool. When I entered I was very pleased with the decor, combining old with new and despite that the salon was probably pretty small compared to what I’m used to it felt bright and spacious! The one feature wall was covered with a turquoise design and another full of beautiful paintings in disorganised perfectness. The rest of the walls stood as they were, without needing to have any paint.

I would recommend Pixie Salon to anyone

I was the first appointment of the morning with a lovely greeting from Gigi, in English, and she was in fact English herself. This made me feel great as I have missed hearing an English accent. I was offered a coffee, of which I gladly replied oh goodness yes to and sat down in front of a massive gorgeous mirror which sat like a canvas on a painting stand! Yes, I felt like Beyoncé! And that was before she had even started! A full head of colour, a wash (which comes with an amazing head massage), cut, and blow dry later I was finished, staring happily at my new and improved head of hair.

In total it cost me €160, which you all may think is extremely expensive however if I covert it to pounds it is just a little more than it would cost me at home. For me this was great and totally worth it! If there is one luxury I want to keep during my au pair life it is being able to get my hair done by a great hairdresser in a lovely environment. I would recommend Pixie Salon to anyone who may feel the same as me in regards to French and wanting a good result. I myself have already booked in before my return home for Christmas, just to make sure that I am tip top for the festive season. Thank you very much Pixie Salon, you made what would normally be a scary situation into just another day at the hairdressers.

Useful info:
Stylepixie salon
2 rue Edouard Vasseur
Ivry sur Seine 94200
01 46 70 25 69


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