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Au pair bloggers needed

Things are a little slow here at Ultimate Au Pair: the christmas holidays have just been and our writers travelled back home (forgetting about au pairing, kids and tantrums).

I may also have taken a few days off to eat lots of christmas food and sit around in my pyjamas watching films…it happens.

So, it’s about time to get things up and running again! To celebrate the new year, Ultimate Au Pair would like to find some enthusiastic new writers to join our au pair blogging team. You can choose whether you would like to do a one-off au pair profile or write regularly – why not take a look at some of our posts for inspiration:

Regular Writers:  Alice Warde
                                 Rachel Haynes
                                 Rose Dermott

Au Pair Profile
:    Paul Bowles

Ultimate Au Pair blog writers needed

Pictures taken by our bloggers: Rachel Haynes, Rose Dermott and Myself

You don’t need to have any writing experience! Ultimate Au Pair is a relaxed, friendly blog that I run independently to help au pairs share their stories and read about others’ experiences.

So, although this is a voluntary position (i.e. not paid), your articles and advice could really help other au pairs.  Feel free to treat this like your own personal online diary…what better way to document your experiences? If you like, you also have the option of writing anonymously. I understand that you may want to keep your blogging separate from your au pairing.

If you are interested in writing, please contact me via the online form or by privately messaging the Facebook page. Before you do, however, just take one minute to check that these three things apply to you:

1. You are or were an au pair in Paris

2. You are reasonably fluent in english

3. You are willing to help us out by sharing your articles online, or if you want to write under a false name, at least by telling your friends about our lovely blog. We have no budget for marketing and it makes us sad.

Does all this sound good? I look forward to hearing from you asap!

– Olivia

P.S. Are you amazing at social media? Want to go into social media marketing/promotion and need some experience to put on your CV? Help us grow our social media presence and Ultimate Au Pair will give you a glowing reference…and cookies 🙂

Ultimate Au Pair blog writers needed
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