Oh Friends…Au Pair Friends

I have previously posted about how my home sickness had been an issue as I missed my friends and family, and like for any normal human being moving to Paris took some adjusting to. Now of course life is normal and as I’ve said before, things just became same thing different day (more so during the week of course).

I have been blessed with an amazing set of friends

Coming to Paris as an au pair can be crazy scary. I remember when I first arrived and I told my friends at home that I was finding it impossible to meet people like me. I felt like I was in a place where everyone was different, or maybe I was the only different one. My personality is mixed, I’m very loud, dramatic and I love to be out having a wine and enjoying any time I have off but I also love being chilled, drinking coffee and wasting time walking around and getting lost. I met people who would be a few of these but no one that I thought wow this person is awesome.

My life revolves around my friends! At university I had the most amazing friends I could have ever asked for and I often felt that my friends were my rock when it came to life, there are the ones that keep you sane and make you crazy at the same time. Therefore finding friends like the ones I had gained was a hard task. At first! Before Christmas I had a few close ones (who were amazing) but my branches weren’t spread too much and I think I kept very reserved whilst still wishing I could meet more people. After Christmas I had a new sense of life, I was refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my months in Paris. With that came one of my closest friends and the first person I met here leaving. At the time I thought I would die, but this gave me the opportunity to get out of that zone of normal and meet others or maybe give people I knew already more time. This method worked! Now I can say that I have been blessed with an amazing set of friends and my life here in Paris has been enhanced so much more by those I am surrounded by.

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I never thought I would meet people that I would click so well with like my friends at home. Of course I continue to miss my friends back at home every day, and I will continually be excited for the days that I reunite with them whenever those days may be. However, life as an au pair is definitely made better by the people I have met here, they have been there through the rollercoaster au pair life and will continue to do so which is a great feeling. So to all my friends at home. I love and I miss you. To all my amazing friends here who are both doing this au pair journey with me or just helping me as I go along. Thank you for being the sickest people and giving me the best memories. And lastly to God, for always blessing me with the finest ass girls on offer.

To any au pairs that feel like they haven’t just found their feet friends wise, don’t worry and stay positive. Get yourself out there and meet new people! You’ll soon be able to create that perfect group to do au pair life with.

By Rachel Haynes


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