• Alice’s au pair diary – week 20

    Tuesday: Today was the day that the city of Paris waits for... Fete de la musique. This annual festival of merriment and music sees the streets of this city lined with acts upon every corner specialising in a variety of styles, shops open until all hours (many indulging in the festivities and opting to blare music out of their own front doors too) and heaps upon heaps of happy, drinking and dancing getting lost upon their meandering strolls. …(Click title or photo to see more) By Alice Warde

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 19

    Monday: We arose at the crack of dawn (well, 7 am to most people) in order to get ourselves fed and watered in anticipation of our busy day. I of course had to commence work but my sister who was visiting had a lovely morning of Louvre-visiting lined up! We 'regrouped' at Palais de Tokyo after my lunch shift in order to sip back excellently priced drinks and chat away. I love having family visit because it's so lovely to…(Click title or photo to see more) By Alice Warde

  • Alice’s au pair diary – week 18

    Monday: After what can only be described as weeks of excessive indulging in French 'cuisine' (if croissants and crepes can really be labelled as such!?) I decided to get the fitness juices flowing and kickstart the day with a run. I think it's important to remember that, when living in Paris for a year, you have to just accept weight gain - nobody is immune from bakery calories! But as one of my close friends here said: "would you rather…(Click title or photo to see more) By Alice Warde

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 17

    Sunday: After having slept at the night at the hotel my parents were staying in I awoke to have the most incredible shower. I live in a chambre de bonne here in Paris aka little hideaways not exactly renowned for their comfort or modernity. Therefore when given the chance to cleanse in a power stream beast I snatched at the opportunity and I could almost feel the 9 months of grime and city grossness …(Click title or photo to see more) By Alice Warde

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 16

    I wouldn't exactly call myself a tennis expert but the 4 hours of straight up Rollabd Garros viewing I did today might suggest otherwise! Being an au pair to 2 tennis mad rascals has meant I have well and truly been served a generous helping of this sport over the past 9 months of working here. With the French Open just commencing, I knew I should brace myself for a hearty helping of the stuff this week…(Click title or photo to see more) By Alice Warde

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 15

    This week kickstarted itself with a glorious bank holiday (or otherwise known as a 'jour férié' by the stripey t-shirt, baguette wielding French!) and so, encompassing the mood of such a day - we chilled! The sun reared it's head most pleasantly and we arose hungry to scoff some hearty grub! A favourite of mine will always be Cafe Nuage (whom I relentlessly rave about I know!) but, as all au pairs will appreciate, frugality is the fruit of life over here and so, if you can pick up a deal like spending €4 for an hour of unlimited food, drinks,…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 14

    Monday: Whilst Monday always arrives in the most resented of fashions, I'm always pleasantly surprised by how painlessly she passes. Today was no exception. For no real occasion other than that a friend had stopped over for dinner, we were treated to a three course French extravaganza of a feast! We gorged upon luxurious fineries which made both my stomach and face smile with delight ... though I was exposed to caviar for the first time in my life and I can confidently confirm that never again shall I enter into that domain of degustation and, in my opinion, despair! The…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 13

    My working week commenced by what some might refer to as an endurance test. Between Monday morning and Wednesday midday I had crammed in 27 and a half hours of work. I fool you not! A room rejuvenation meant that my presence was required in the apartment in case the painters ran into any issues. Whilst I longed for a spot of fresh air every now and again, my vitamin D-deprived bones kept themselves entertained by ploughing on with a great deal of French work (and I even began to dabble in the dark arts of Italian!) Turns out I can…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 12

    After what can only be described as a fabulous week of holidaying in Madrid, reality (of course) has to reappear and make its presence well and truly known. This came in the format of an eight o’clock start today; not a wholly unreasonable start time I will give you that unless you were up until three AM the night previous having a chatty catch up with your friends! Karma certainly showed me by slapping a seven hour tennis tournament across my face most ferociously of which I was assigned spectator and enthusiastic supporter duty. This marathon was broken up ever so…

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    Alice’s au pair dairy – week 11

    A chilled out Tuesday began with a hearty French breakfast feast whilst lazing around in pyjamas. I feel that regardless of if you’re living the ‘Parisian dream’ for a year, everybody is entitled to a few slob days: and today was just that! A friend and I lay around listening to music, nattering away and stuffing our face with baguette slathered in a variety of accoutrements feeling most content indeed! My slow paced start to the day however was made up for later at work when my littlest host child summoned me outside for a session on the scooters. This involved…