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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 5

    Sunday: A few hours after a tearful farewell to my mother at the Eurostar station in London and I suddenly found myself back immersed in my other life in Paris. Any of us who have had the chance to spend time back home know just how intense it is to return to the French capital subsequently. It’s as if you have two parallel yet juxtaposing existences occurring in tandem and you find yourself just flitting freely between the two. This can, of course, leave you feeling a bit perplexed and lost as you switch off from one life to another in…

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    A very exciting 2018!

    Hello everyone, Ultimate Au Pair is taking a short break over the summer, but we will be back in a few weeks with new bloggers, an updated look and lots of new articles! In the meantime why not have a look at our advice pages?: https://www.ultimateaupair.com/category/top-tips/ Thank you again to everyone who contributed to the blog last year! If you would like to blog with us, you can use our contact page to get in touch...(Click title or photo for more) Olivia (Editor)

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    We’re Taking a Short Break!

    Hi everyone, Ultimate au pair is taking a two-week holiday! Don't worry, we're updating the site and will be back soon with more posts from our amazing bloggers. In the meantime, why not have a look at some of our most popular articles?: Top Tips! Don't speak French? No problem! 10 Tips for Au Pair Survival Hours and pay See you after the break, UAP x

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    Holly Jolidays

    So it's been a while since I last wrote. I guess everything just started to become normal. The days became regulated and my life kind of became the same thing but a different day. Don't get me wrong, I made sure I was always busy at the weekends going out, shopping and drinking lots of coffee. However, the au pair side of life just seemed to go on as usual: good days, bad days, stressful days, the list goes on. I have been here for five and a half months now and my life has just settled! My head has adjusted…

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    Help, I don’t speak French! : Au pair advice

    - Don’t get lost in translation - So you’ve found the right host family, you’ve bought your ticket and packed your bags, but wait...something’s missing...you don’t know the language of the country you’re moving to. Not speaking the language of your new home may seem like the biggest obstacle to living out your post-grad dreams in a great foreign city, and in many ways it will be. But, the language barrier shouldn’t stop you from travelling abroad, and there are many ways to make your new situation work for you. I moved to Paris five months ago and the only French…

  • Ultimate au pair blog Paris alice week 4

    Alice’s au pair diary – week 4

    Tuesday An inevitability about a job that involves daily contact with children is that you will encounter, at some point, illness. Little kids are infamous stewing pots of colds, coughs, flus and tummy aches, picking up whatever they can find lingering around amongst their peers at school. In a true playground game manner, these little bodily niggles are swapped and traded and, undoubtedly, find their way back to the house infecting whoever they can find there – including us. Both today and yesterday were spent waiting in anticipation of my youngest’s return from school but alas a few doses of the…

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    Learning the Hard Way: A year as an au pair in Paris

    Part 1 The Job Search I arrived in Paris on a whim. My life was in chaos, I was looking for an escape, and after a visit to the French capital, I found myself unwilling to leave. However, my living arrangement was growing precarious. After a tumultuous month, it became clear that I needed work that guaranteed ample time to study, and an apartment of my own. As most au pair jobs are supposed to meet these conditions, I applied for a handful of positions advertised on Craigslist, FUSAC, and AngloInfo. In mid-September, I accepted interviews for four positions based on…

  • Read about us on FUSAC!

    Just a quick post to share a lovely article posted about us on FUSAC today. Click here to see the article now! I did an interview with one of their writers about Ultimate Au Pair and it sums up our blog really well. If you want to find out more about us, have a quick look at the article and feel free to comment here or there with any questions. Thanks to all our great writers, keep up the good work! We're looking forward to welcoming some new writers soon, but in the meantime why not have a look at some…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 3

    Tuesday: For all of us currently in Paris you will be fully aware of the apocalyptic style weather we are experiencing at the moment. Like the majority of Western Europe, there appears to be a bipolar storm descended upon us that switches hour by hour, to two fairly opposite extremes. One minute I find myself shielding away from the intense rays of sunshine beaming down through my window and the next I could easily be pressed against said glass in attempt to stop it from being blown in by the gale force winds that batter and attack. As often in miserable…

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    Au Pair Profile

    Bonjour world! My name is Celina and I'm a soon-to-be recent college grad moving to Paris June 2nd! I'm honestly shocked at how the time has flown by since I decided I wanted to au pair in Paris. - Name: Celina Tolbert Nationality: American Gender: Female Age: 21 City: Paris Number of Children: 1 when I arrive, 1 to be born in July/August Live out or Live in?: Live Out Au Pair Start Date: June 2, 2016 ... (Click title or photo to read more)