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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 2

    Monday: As I’m sure we all know, this job is one riddled with its intense ups and downs ranging from turbulent toddler tantrums to disheartening differences with our host parents. Today, I was having an infamous ‘one of those days’ whereby a series of small instances piled up and overwhelmed me. Individually these things were harmless but when experienced all together within the space of a four-hour work shift they can be toxic for the serotonin levels, leaving you feeling very low indeed...(Click title or photo to read more) By Alice Warde

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 1

    Tuesday: Today was a very special one for me as I was turning the big 19. A birthday away from home (with all the comforts of family and friends that can be found there) was always going to be a strange one as I was experiencing a juxtaposition of the standard birthday merriment combined with emptiness and a fervent longing for what I was lacking. Despite this, I had my brilliant friends to make my day; I live in the 16eme (the infamous au pair central) and I have been so fortunate in finding myself a little trio of lovely ladies…

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    Live In or Out?

    Here’s the big question – do you want to live with the family? While traditionally au pairs have their own room in the family’s house, there are many families in Paris who rent out small rooms or apartments for their au pair rather than having them live in the same apartment. These rooms can be “chambres de bonne” (old servants quartiers which have a shower and small hob in the same room as the bed), or slightly bigger apartments. The bigger apartments are more recommended, but harder to come by. If you need help deciding, you can always ask for live…

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    Writers Wanted!

    Au pair bloggers needed Things are a little slow here at Ultimate Au Pair: the christmas holidays have just been and our writers travelled back home (forgetting about au pairing, kids and tantrums). So, it's about time to get things up and running again! To celebrate the new year, Ultimate Au Pair would like to find some enthusiastic new writers to join our au pair blogging team. You can choose whether you would like to do a one-off au pair profile or write... By Olivia Brett (Editor)

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    Au Pair Profile

    Yep. You read that title right. PAUL. I'm part of the rare niche of male au pairs. I'll explain more about the perks and downfalls of this unique perspective, but first let's get the nitty gritty out of the way. Name: Paul Bowles Nationality: 'Murican (read: American) Gender: Male Age: 20 Number of Children: 2 - Boy age 7 & Girl age 3 Live in or out?: Live in ...

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    10 Tips for Au Pair Survival

    Sometimes being an au pair is just overwhelming, so here's my top 10 tips for not only surviving, but also enjoying the experience. 1. It's all about tactics What's your plan of attack? Be prepared with a mental list of important things the host parents need you to do by the time they get home, and then plan what time you will do them. It might help the kids behave better too, if they're used... By Olivia Brett (Editor)

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    Les Coiffeurs – English Speaking Hair Salon Paris

    My hair is one thing I love getting done! When I lived in Liverpool I went as often as I could afford to as a student and was always left feeling amazing...because well, I got my hair done didn't, I who doesn't feel great after. Unless of course they ruin it! This is what I was super afraid of when I came to Paris. I made sure I got my hair done in Liverpool just before I came, that way I could put it off for as long as I possibly could here in Paris.... By Rachel Haynes

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    Amazing shops to explore in Montmatre

    These past couple of weeks in Paris have been so much easier! Au pair friends told me when I first started that the first couple of weeks are the hardest, now I think I finally believe them. Now that I have gotten to know my host family, we get on so much better! The host mother now explains to me things that I have done wrong, rather than getting angry at me straight away... By Rose Dermott

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    Visitor, Visitor!!

    So the weekend I have been dying to come has finally arrived...yes the weekend my best friend Charlotte came to see me. I spent three years at Liverpool university and had many people say "ohhhh I can't wait to visit you at uni". You soon realised that visiting wasn't as easy as you thought, and people who were once dying to see you and visit never in the whole three years did so... By Rachel Haynes

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    Life on ‘Vacation’ – Part 2

    As I mentioned in my last blog, the kids are off on their very regularly vacations from school. This meant that in the second week I was going for my first trip away with my host family. We went to one of their favourite places, where they have been holidaying for years. Île de Ré is situated off the coast of France, whilst being its own island it is still connected to the mainland by a long bridge. We were originally meant... By Rachel Haynes