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    Alice’s au pair dairy – week 11

    A chilled out Tuesday began with a hearty French breakfast feast whilst lazing around in pyjamas. I feel that regardless of if you’re living the ‘Parisian dream’ for a year, everybody is entitled to a few slob days: and today was just that! A friend and I lay around listening to music, nattering away and stuffing our face with baguette slathered in a variety of accoutrements feeling most content indeed! My slow paced start to the day however was made up for later at work when my littlest host child summoned me outside for a session on the scooters. This involved…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 10

    And the award for the experience with the most rapidly fluctuating ups and downs goes to … au pairing! I was feeling as though I was on cloud nine this week just passed; the sun shone down, I had my best friend from home by my side and a cold ice cream milkshake in my hand – nothing could have seemed dandier! Naturally then, anything trying to follow that subsequently is bound to be quite underwhelming and disappointing in comparison - which just so happened to be Monday. True to form she was a cruel mistress this infamous day of misery,…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 9

    And thus the drudgery commences! After a truly fabulous bank holiday weekend, I’m sure we all felt a spot of the blues when it was time to walk through the front doors of work and let reality get going once again. My day was made ever so slightly better by my kind little 9 year old sharing a portion of his Easter chocolate with me during ‘gouter’ before hiding a (large sized!!) Lindt bunny in my bag “just because”. What a good little egg indeed. I even got to sample some of the families fancy left over Laudrée desert from Easter…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 8

    Today began in the sunniest of matters and I felt super energised and eager to go and exercise this expanding body a smidge! Just as I commenced my run however my phone began to ring and, upon seeing it was my mother, I felt obliged to answer it. Sitting myself down upon a bench my mother began to explain to me that she had called to inform me of the Belgian bombings that had just occurred that morning; a double incident occurring in both an airport and a metro station leaving over twenty people dead and many injured. Pangs of unwelcome…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 7

    Once again Monday appears to have crept its way unwelcomingly into our lives following a wonderfully sunny, warm and Parisian weekend. I tend also to prolong the misery of Monday it seems by making it, coincidentally, my organisation day of drudging tasks such as room cleaning, exercise and food shopping. If it’s already a bad day historically you might as well humour it. Despite this, my evening shift was most lovely as my little eight year old fella was so adorably cute. He was mid kick of a football when he stopped and questioned my on when I was leaving. Upon…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 6

    Monday: As always with au pairing, you switch seamlessly through moments of complete contentment, satisfaction and feeling as though you’ve got your act together, to moments of a sedentary and unproductive lifestyle. What with having been ‘back home’ to England and then the subsequent week of work with weird hours (as the infamous school holidays descended upon us), I have felt somewhat disorientated and as though I was achieving very little in a great deal of time. In reality I know this isn’t true, yet I felt inspired to make some sort of routine of action for myself. And so, this…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 5

    Sunday: A few hours after a tearful farewell to my mother at the Eurostar station in London and I suddenly found myself back immersed in my other life in Paris. Any of us who have had the chance to spend time back home know just how intense it is to return to the French capital subsequently. It’s as if you have two parallel yet juxtaposing existences occurring in tandem and you find yourself just flitting freely between the two. This can, of course, leave you feeling a bit perplexed and lost as you switch off from one life to another in…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 4

    Tuesday An inevitability about a job that involves daily contact with children is that you will encounter, at some point, illness. Little kids are infamous stewing pots of colds, coughs, flus and tummy aches, picking up whatever they can find lingering around amongst their peers at school. In a true playground game manner, these little bodily niggles are swapped and traded and, undoubtedly, find their way back to the house infecting whoever they can find there – including us. Both today and yesterday were spent waiting in anticipation of my youngest’s return from school but alas a few doses of the…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 3

    Tuesday: For all of us currently in Paris you will be fully aware of the apocalyptic style weather we are experiencing at the moment. Like the majority of Western Europe, there appears to be a bipolar storm descended upon us that switches hour by hour, to two fairly opposite extremes. One minute I find myself shielding away from the intense rays of sunshine beaming down through my window and the next I could easily be pressed against said glass in attempt to stop it from being blown in by the gale force winds that batter and attack. As often in miserable…

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    Alice’s au pair diary – week 2

    Monday: As I’m sure we all know, this job is one riddled with its intense ups and downs ranging from turbulent toddler tantrums to disheartening differences with our host parents. Today, I was having an infamous ‘one of those days’ whereby a series of small instances piled up and overwhelmed me. Individually these things were harmless but when experienced all together within the space of a four-hour work shift they can be toxic for the serotonin levels, leaving you feeling very low indeed...(Click title or photo to read more) By Alice Warde