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    Film Festival Vibes

    As spring blesses us with the glorious blooming of flowers, and the leaves making their wonderful return to those lonely bare trees, it also welcomes the spring/summer events that has me giddy from the inside out. Yes that is right my fellow au pairs, it is the season where all the real fun begins and the super cool events start to pop up all over our news feeds. The event selection process for myself has officially begun and first on my list is just around the corner! Of course I did not want to keep this exciting festival to myself so…

  • Oh Friends…Au Pair Friends

    I have previously posted about how my home sickness had been an issue as I missed my friends and family, and like for any normal human being moving to Paris took some adjusting to. Now of course life is normal and as I've said before, things just became same thing different day (more so during the week of course). Coming to Paris as an au pair can be crazy scary. I remember when I first arrived and I told my friends at home that I was finding it impossible to meet people like me. I felt like I was in a…

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    Holly Jolidays

    So it's been a while since I last wrote. I guess everything just started to become normal. The days became regulated and my life kind of became the same thing but a different day. Don't get me wrong, I made sure I was always busy at the weekends going out, shopping and drinking lots of coffee. However, the au pair side of life just seemed to go on as usual: good days, bad days, stressful days, the list goes on. I have been here for five and a half months now and my life has just settled! My head has adjusted…

  • English Speaking Hair Salon Paris - Ultimate Au Pair

    Les Coiffeurs – English Speaking Hair Salon Paris

    My hair is one thing I love getting done! When I lived in Liverpool I went as often as I could afford to as a student and was always left feeling amazing...because well, I got my hair done didn't, I who doesn't feel great after. Unless of course they ruin it! This is what I was super afraid of when I came to Paris. I made sure I got my hair done in Liverpool just before I came, that way I could put it off for as long as I possibly could here in Paris.... By Rachel Haynes

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    Visitor, Visitor!!

    So the weekend I have been dying to come has finally arrived...yes the weekend my best friend Charlotte came to see me. I spent three years at Liverpool university and had many people say "ohhhh I can't wait to visit you at uni". You soon realised that visiting wasn't as easy as you thought, and people who were once dying to see you and visit never in the whole three years did so... By Rachel Haynes

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    Life on ‘Vacation’ – Part 2

    As I mentioned in my last blog, the kids are off on their very regularly vacations from school. This meant that in the second week I was going for my first trip away with my host family. We went to one of their favourite places, where they have been holidaying for years. Île de Ré is situated off the coast of France, whilst being its own island it is still connected to the mainland by a long bridge. We were originally meant... By Rachel Haynes

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    Life on ‘Vacation’ – Part 1

    Now I do not know if this is a European thing but personally as a kid I wouldn't have minded having two weeks off in October, December, February, April and more in summer! This is of course great news for the children in France, but in the eyes of the parents not so great news. This essentially means extra money and organisation needed to ensure that the kids get looked after over these holidays... By Rachel Haynes

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    The RER A Disaster

    When I arrived in Paris I was very impressed with the train and metro system here, not only because it could bring you to most places in Paris but also because it saved my life when it came to getting around. Living in an urban area of west of Paris is great because I can see how people live outside of the hustle and bustle, and the area itself is beautiful with its big houses, roads covered over with trees and the amazing Saint-Germain-en-Laye just one stop away... By Rachel Haynes

  • Reflection

    I have now been here in Paris for just over a month, after what seems like far more. Congratulations to me!! At this 'milestone' I look back on how my time has been so far. The first month can be described in three words, scary, hard and wonderful. This has most definitely been the scariest thing I have ever done, and considering how it has gone I think I should give myself a pat on the back... By Rachel Haynes

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    By Rachel Haynes Home (Ireland) for me isn't the best place in the world, and I have never been one to miss it that much. Yes of course I miss my family and my friends at home but the area in general isn't one I tend to miss. I left home when I was 18 to go to uni in Liverpool and ever since I have often called it my home, as I very rarely went back to Ireland unless it was a special occasion such as Christmas...