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    Amazing shops to explore in Montmatre

    These past couple of weeks in Paris have been so much easier! Au pair friends told me when I first started that the first couple of weeks are the hardest, now I think I finally believe them. Now that I have gotten to know my host family, we get on so much better! The host mother now explains to me things that I have done wrong, rather than getting angry at me straight away... By Rose Dermott

  • Week 2: Was coming here the right decision?

    My host mum has been getting angrier and angrier at me for little things, such as putting dishes back in the wrong cupboard, or not making the dinner quick enough. I am really trying to do everything she asks me, according to her high standards. However the more annoyed she gets, the more I panic and do things wrong! I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed by living in a new country... By Rose Dermott

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    First Week Almost Finished

    By Rose Dermott I have nearly survived my 'au pair first week' in Paris without getting really lost, missing the last train home or losing my children! I mean, of course the girls I am looking after do have tantrums, they are only five and seven years old! But I am getting better at stopping them from attacking each other. Both their parents are very welcoming and try to help me as much as possible...