• Ultimate Au Pair Survival Tips

    10 Tips for Au Pair Survival

    Sometimes being an au pair is just overwhelming, so here's my top 10 tips for not only surviving, but also enjoying the experience. 1. It's all about tactics What's your plan of attack? Be prepared with a mental list of important things the host parents need you to do by the time they get home, and then plan what time you will do them. It might help the kids behave better too, if they're used... By Olivia Brett (Editor)

  • Ultimate Au Pair

    Hours and Pay – Practical Advice

    Each family is different and so there will be a lot of variation in days/times, but au pair working hours should be between 25 and 35 hours per week. Some au pairs work in the mornings, helping the kids get ready etc., whilst others start by picking the children up from school in the afternoon. Others may be required to do lunch-times, collecting the children and making lunch, before taking them back to school. Normally two babysittings per week maximum are asked of the au pair and any more should (!) be paid extra... By Olivia Brett (Editor)

  • Ultimate Au Pair

    Questions for Au Pairs to ask Host Families

    by Holly Hadley "Why are questions important?" I agreed to au pair for a family that paid me too little, did not live up to their promises, and omitted to tell me the truth about their circumstances. They were actually quite kind at times...

  • Advice on Becoming an Au Pair in Paris

    by Michelle Von Lind When the idea of au pairing first popped into my head people around me, including myself, though I was crazy. Thinking about it now I'd say that it truly is the best kind of crazy. Although from what I've heard, au pairing can...